Content Structure

The goal of the page is to give structure to the existing GMAT Content on the blog. As per the exam, the entire blog has been split into four parts. Three sections in GMAT Verbal and one section under Quantitative part of GMAT.

GMAT Verbal

The GMAT verbal section is further split into sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension.

Sentence Correction

The most objective part of the entire verbal section, requires a combination of grammar and intended meaning.

Critical Reasoning

The second part of the exam where the intent is to critically evaluate the statements in terms of assumptions, weakening and strengthening of topics and so on.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension is the last section, summing up the overall GMAT verbal section. Apparently, the most time consuming and the one that needs most practice for fast read through and taking generating summaries out of the topic.

GMAT Quantitative

The quantitative part of the GMAT, where the number of sub-topics and formulas/concepts to remember are the most. The questions belong to the subparts of problem-solving and data sufficiency.